Tiramisù World Cup 2020


Matilde Vicenzi the main Partner of Tiramisù World Cup 2020.

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The Tiramisù World Cup, developed and organized by Twissen, is a great event that has gained importance at international level thanks to the attractiveness and popularity of the Italian dessert. Among the most popular Italian desserts, Tiramisù is undoubtedly number one and the name itself is well-known in every corner of the world. For the fourth year in a row, Matilde Vicenzi has been the Main Partner of Tiramisù World Cup: once again, our Vicenzovo ladyfingers had been chosen to make the best Tiramisù in the world! This event is based on a competition among non-professionals competing in two categories, the original and the creative one, aiming to proclaim the best tiramisù in the world.

Discover more on https://tiramisuworldcup.com/en/.