2017 Tiramisù World Cup

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2017 Tiramisù World Cup

Treviso, Italy, 3-5 November

The best Tiramisù in the World is made with Matilde Vicenzi ladyfingers.


At the 2017 international event Vicenzovo ladyfingers were the Tiramisù key ingredient, as per the original recipe agreed by the Accademia Italiana della Cucina”.

All amateur participants were provided with a full kit of ingredients which were coffee, eggs, mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder, sugar and savoiardi: Vicenzovo ladyfingers.

In addition to the ORIGINAL RECIPE category, the contest forecast a CREATIVE RECIPE as well, in order to embrace tradition and innovation of the Tiramisù uniqueness.


Here the numbers showing the huge success of the first “Tiramisù world cup” are:

– 720 amateur chefs from all over the world:Europe, South America, Japan and Australia.

– 2 categories: classic and creative Tiramisù.

– 20,000 Vicenzovo ladyfingers to prepare Tiramisù recipes for the 3 days contest.


Matilde Vicenzi congratulates the winner Andrea Ciccolella as well as all the participants on the role they have played during the enjoyable contest and invites everyone to pursue their passion for sweet.


International selections are already being planned in USA, Japan and Russia for 2018.