Our family values are woven into products to export sustainability worldwide
Sustainability report
Year 2021

Like a thread woven through a loom. From the story of the group witnessed by my father Giuseppe, to the future seen through my daughters and grandchildren’s eyes. I feel personally involved in this Sustainability Report because in recent years Vicenzi has been associated, especially abroad, with a family and corporate commitment to people and the environment. The same values that have always been intertwined with our very DNA.

My sisters and I have been raised with these principles since we were kids. Recycling, reusing, being waste-conscious, ecology: these were not just abstract theories. They were a real, heartfelt commitment. No one was really using the word “sustainability” at that time, but our lives were lived under that very principle. I have always expressed this while growing up, even though many times it was like speaking a foreign language: no one was used to paying attention to those issues.

Today, the culture of sustainability is spreading: many are committing to ecological transition and low impact. We at Vicenzi, who have always nurtured this culture, feel the need to export our vision outside the company walls.

Last year the young people in our family provided valid support to raise the bar. Today, together with my father’s love for the territory, sports and the community, their example invites us to take a closer look to all those companies that are approaching overseas markets. Just like we did in the past.

The excellence and the Italian essence of our products, the true passion for our work, walk alongside environmental sustainability, people’s wellbeing, respect for animals and resources, and a circular economy. We envision Made in Italy as a force in bringing into the world products permeated by values. We aim to become leaders of a new model, a protocol about Italian identity, experience, but also innovation, environment and food culture. We owe it to the Italian production chain, to our ecosystem, to the future generations.

We are ready to undertake this new “sustainable” challenge.

Giuliana Vicenzi Vice President of Vicenzi Group

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