Amarettino 100g

The Amarettino d’Italia macaroon is the miniature version of the classic Amaretto d’Italia.  With its typical bitter-sweet taste, derived from apricot kernel, it is the perfect size for garnishing desserts or adding to cakes, semifreddos or puddings. Amarettino macaroons, presented in this charming, miniature tin, are the perfect little treat for any occasion.

Nutritional values

Nutritional informations Average Values for 100g Average values for 1 piece RI 1 Piece
Energy Kjoule 1828 Kjoule 183
Kcal 433 Kcal 43 2%
Fats g 10.2 g 1.0 1%
of which satures g 1.0 g 0.1
Carbohydrate g 77.0 g 7.7 3%
of which sugars g 76.0 g 7.6 8%
Dietary fibre g 3.0 g 0.3
Protein g 6.9 g 0.7 1%
Salt g 0.13 g 0.01


Sugar, apricot kernels 20%, EGG white, LACTOSE and MILK proteins, raising agent (sodium hydrogen carbonate), natural flavouring.