Respecting the original recipe, Matilde Vicenzi offers a classic of Italian culinary history: the Cantuccino. Cantuccini, traditional and popular almond biscuits, are made with simple, natural ingredients, with no added colours or preservatives, to offer lovers of this biscuit all the flavour of the italian tradition. For those with a sweeter tooth, the version with chocolate chips is a pleasant, unexpected variation to try. In the MINICANTUCCINI version, in convenient resealable jars, Matilde offers 3 different flavours of Cantuccini: classic almond, chocolate chip or red berries. Cantuccini of Matilde Vicenzi are ideal accompanied with a good Italian wine, according to tradition, or even a good coffee.

Cantuccini with almonds 225 g

Cantuccini with chocolate chips 225 g

Minicantuccini with
chocolate chips 90 g

Minicantuccini with
almonds 90 g

Minicantuccini with
red berries 90 g