Matilde Vicenzi’s Ciambelle meets the needs of those who know the importance of starting the day with a hearty and healthy breakfast, without sacrificing taste, just as it used to be in the past. Fragrant biscuits rich in fibre, slowly cooked and packed still hot to preserve their goodness, enriched with chocolate, citrus fruits, hazelnuts, almonds and butter, the rustic line is perfect for the energetic activities. Flavourful “frolle” (sweet, crumbly biscuits) that bring out the traditional taste and the genuine flavours handed down from generation to generation and which offer a natural taste to products made with passion and experience since 1905.

Ciambelle al burro da 200 g

Ciambelle agli agrumi con nocciole e mandorle
da 200 g

Ciambelle con gocce di cioccolato da 200 g