Food Service

The secret to prepare Italian specialties, cakes and desserts is to use Matilde Vicenzi food service products. The values of artisanal production and authentic flavours result in a proposal for lovers of creativity in the kitchen to make cakes, desserts and pastries every day even at home. Discs of sponge cake, puffpastry bases for cakes, choux buns for profiteroles, vol au vent and cannoli to be filled, are a great help in the kitchen to prepare all kinds of dishes. Bases that are suitable to be enriched in flavour according to tradition or with a bit of imagination. Unique for taste and fragrance, the bases for cakes are the secret to surprise your guests with creations of haute patisserie, thanks to the skilled experience of Matilde Vicenzi and their products, made for over 100 years according to the ancient Italian tradition.

Puff pastry cake bases
300 g

Pan di Spagna bases
400 g

Bignè to fill
90 g

Vol au vent di pasta sfoglia
da 100 g

Cannoli da riempire
da 150 g