115 years after its birth, our company is still committed daily to defending the values that have marked its history and made the brand an icon in the Italian pastry tradition.


Our story is one that deserves to be told. It is a story of quality, seen as a mantra, of passion for the art of pastry, a flame never dulled. It is also the story of ambition, which has made us aim at international markets from the very beginning.


Founding values that are not only limited to the creation of products, but permeate the vision of Vicenzi company’s role within the territory. A territory that has given so much in terms of culture, dedication, humanity, quality raw materials and to which the company wants to give back creating wealth, well-being and economic activities.


In the selection of our raw materials, Vicenzi has always prioritised sustainable quality, products coming from Italy, while aiming at promoting the consumption of top quality eggs, of Italian origin, in order to ensure not only maximum freshness but also animal welfare. Our production processes have been improved to reduce their environmental impact. Our choices in terms of packaging are increasingly oriented towards recycled or recyclable materials and their reduction.


We are also aware that, despite continuous progress, we cannot stop because the challenges facing us are increasingly pressing and delicate. Climate change, the exploitation of nature’s resources, the nutritional quality of the ingredients used, the safety of our employees, and bad eating habits occupy our thoughts on a daily basis.


We believe that every person or organisation must leave a positive trace of its commitment, a virtuous reference of behaviour in the interest of future generations and the planet.


Today more than ever, each of us has the opportunity to make a contribution, even, simply, by doing the right things, and this is what Vicenzi, together with all its People, is committed to doing.


Giuseppe Vicenzi, President of Vicenzi Group

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