Sicily Tin - Vicenzi Usa

Sicily Tin

An elaborate selection of cream-filled Italian fine pastries that is sure to please body and mind.
The five types of puff pastry and shortbread pastries are a tribute to Sicilian Dolce Vita, with their creamy fillings ranging from tangy lemon to rich chocolate.
The tin itself depicts breathtaking pictures of Sicily, with views of the Greek Theatre of Taormina, of the Sallina, Fillicudi and Alicudi islands seen from Lipari and of traditional ceramics produced in the historic town of Erice.
Units per carton 4
Case weight (in lb, non g) 6,76 lbs
Displays per layers 10
Layers per pallet 4
Cartons per pallet*40

*Cartons for stackable 1/2 pallets

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Our Sicily Tin is perfect for the Holiday Seasons, especially when tasted to the sweet tunes of Giada Valenti’s new song.