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Matilde’s original cookbook, which is still kept in the Company’s archives, dates back to the early 1900s when she opened the first artisan shop in the province of Verona.

Historic products like the “Amaretto d’Italia” and the “Vicenzovo” Savoiardo are still made according to their original recipes. The Millefoglie d’Italia line is inspired by the traditional Verona’s puff pastries.

The entire production process of the Vicenzi Group is carried out in Italy and is based on the family’s own business principles and values that have been passed down from generation to generation.


With grandson Giuseppe at the helm of the Company, Matilde Vicenzi’s legacy could not have had a better future. Indeed, even as a child, encouraged by his grandmother and his father Angelo, Giuseppe developed a fascination for the family business and then began working on what had always been his own dream: turning an artisan company into an industrial reality in the sector of the high-end Italian confectionery. At the fair in Milan, when the young entrepreneur realised that his dream was about to become reality, he threw himself even further into his work to promote, on a greater scale, a tradition so closely guarded by his family.