Puff Pastry

Familiar even to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, puff pastry is a very light and very crumbly baked dough.

The first modern version of puff pastry as we know it today was invented at the end of the 18th century by French cook Marie-Antoine Carême, who made his “pâte feuilletée” using butter instead of oil, and gave precise instructions regarding the various six “turns”.

The Millefoglie di Matilde, with its 192 thin crispy layers of fine puff pastry with butter are the icon and symbol of Matilde Vicenzi’s puff pastry tradition.
Today, we jealousy guard Matilde’s recipe book. Her ideas remain a source of inspiration for our sweet creations to this day.

The traditional recipe requires a layer of butter between the folds of puff pastry dough; then, you must gently fold the dough back on itself many times.

Our crisp and fragrant puff pastry – the only puff pastry on the market composed of 192 layers – can only be obtained through this process: this is the secret of MILLEFOGLIE DI MATILDE.

The vast experience and the leadership of Matilde Vicenzi in the complex and specific preparation of the dough has given rise to a wide range of products for the Millefoglie di Matilde puff pastry line.

Our careful selection of raw materials and particular focus on traditional techniques shine through unmistakeably in the finished product.

Crispy delight at first bite, tantalising the entire palate – the highest form of expression of Italian pastry.

Moreover, the special metallic golden packaging, preserves this delicate, high-quality pastry from light exposure, which can modify the organoleptic characteristics of the product.
Millefoglie di Matilde are ideal as a dessert or with afternoon tea to share with loved ones.