Premium Quality - Vicenzi Usa

Premium quality

Quality has always been at the heart of Vicenzi’s products. It is an aspect that Grandmother Matilde Vicenzi valued deeply and a principle that has been passed on, from generation to generation.

For more than a century now, the excellence of our pastries has been one of the driving factors of our success in Italy and abroad.

To keep on delivering top-notch quality to all our customers, we carefully select the ingredients we use in our recipes. We only use natural and non-GMO ingredients, fresh eggs and premium butter and never add coloring agents or preservatives and all of our products are kosher certified.

Excellent raw materials are blended to perfection according to an age-old Italian tradition to reward consumers with a unique sensory experience and ensure a premium product. All of this, thanks to the careful workmanship and putting quality first.

The entire production process at Matilde Vicenzi, from mixing to baking, is carried out according to the tradition of Premium Italian confectionery:

  • Up to 192 thin layers of dough are formed to guarantee the typical fragrance and lightness of our puff pastries.
  • The process of slow baking, used mainly for shortcrust pastry, helps ensure the natural fragrance and flavor of authenticity… like the good old days.
  • As soon as they are prepared, the pastries are immediately packed in packaging especially designed to preserve their organoleptic properties.