Sustainability - Vicenzi Usa


At Vicenzi, we have decided to commit to safeguarding the Planet by featuring sustainability priorities into our strategic choices. In order to increase the positive impact of our actions, we have engaged all relevant stakeholders, both internal and external, in this process. This has allowed us to identify the most relevant aspects to focus on and tackle them effectively.

Our efforts concentrate on both social and environmental aspects including:

  • The selection of raw materials which involves the analysis of various factors, such as respect for traditional recipes, the origin of the ingredients and attention to environmental sustainability.
  • The attention to the nutritional value of the products to allow even consumers with particular food needs to be able to appreciate the unique taste of Italian fine pastry.
  • The management of the environmental impact of production activities and packaging.

As our President Giuseppe Vicenzi recently stated:

“Today more than ever, each of us has the opportunity to make a contribution, even, simply, by doing the right things, and this is what Vicenzi, together with all its People, is committed to doing.”

For more details, please read the latest edition of our Sustainability Report as well as our Ethical Code.