Pomegranate and Meringue Tiramisù by Ale Gambini - Vicenzi Usa

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Level: easy

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking: 2 hours chilling time

Servings: 6 people

Author: Ale Gambini

  • 9 oz Gluten-free Vicenzovo Ladyfingers 
  • 16 mascarpone cheese 
  • 3 tablespoons superfine granulated sugar 
  • 8 oz condensed milk 
  • 8 oz heavy whipping cream, chilled 
  • grated zest of a lemon 
  • 2 drops of red plant-based food coloring 
  • 1 cup crushed meringues
  • 2 cups pomegranate juice
  • pomegranate and meringues, to garnish
  1. Place the mascarpone cheese and sugar in a bowl and mix until smooth.
  2. Incorporate the condensed milk in the mascarpone mixture.
  3. Whip the whipping cream to stiff peaks then gently fold it in the mascarpone and condensed milk mixture.
  4. Add the lemon zest, a couple of drops of red food coloring, and mix until blended.
  5. Assemble the Tiramisù by arranging the first layer of ladyfingers briefly dipped in the pomegranate juice on the bottom of a 1Ox8 baking.
  6. Spoon over half of the cream to cover.
  7. Sprinkle with crushed meringues and pomegranate seeds.
  8. Proceed with the second layer of dipped Vicenzovo Ladyfingers and cover with the remaining cream.
  9. Place the Tiramisù in the fridge for at least two hours before serving.
  10. Serve the dessert garnished with pomegranate seeds and meringues.