A big Company, family-run since 1905 brings the excellence of Italian Fine Pastry in the world.


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Italian experience

Italian Masters of Puff Pastry

The careful selection of raw materials, with particular attention to traditional practices, is noticeable from the very first glimpse. In order to make the thin layers forming the dough fragrancy, the inevitable ingredient used by Matilde Vicenzi is the veil of butter, applied among the folds of the pastry dough. The traditional recipe requires that the dough is gently folded back on itself many times obtaining a delicious and fragrant pastry composed of well 192 layers.

Recipe E-Book

From the Matilde’s handwritten recipebook, we would like to give you some autenthic recipes.
Download the original recipe for Tiramisù and others sweet ideas for your desserts.

SINCE 1905

History of Matilde

Matilde Vicenzi was the founder of the company that bears her name today. At the beginning of the century, this very charismatic woman was a good example of female entrepreneurship, which was later a point of reference for her grandson Giuseppe Vicenzi who transformed the family business into an important Group.


Tiramisù World Cup

Treviso, Italy, 1-3 November


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2019 tiramisù world cup

Treviso, Italy, 1-3 November