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Mission and Vision

The Group has grown over the years, thanks to its ability to combine entrepreneurial principles with the typical values of a family-run business, handed down from generation to generation. High-quality raw materials, attention to detail and a passion for good things have been the guiding principles of its development, every step of the way. Vicenzi products are synonymous with tradition and the subtle refinement of simple things. Equally simple are our ingredients: eggs, flour, butter, sugar, expertly blended, just the way Matilde Vicenzi used to.


All Vicenzi Group products are made in Italy according to specific manufacturing processes – from the dough, to cooking and packaging – based on the principles of quality.

To this end, the Group’s three plants have implemented Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), and the Group has obtained Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) certifications relating to food product safety.


Ensuring the complete quality of a product not only means guaranteeing its taste, but the safety of the raw materials for the consumer as well.

Italian fine pastry since 1905

Since 1905, the name Matilde Vicenzi has been synonymous with Italy’s fine pastry tradition, its quality a point of reference in Italy and the world for anyone seeking delicious flavour and all the sweetness of authentic Italian pastry.

High-quality sweetness can only originate from great passion: passion handed down from generation to generation of the Vicenzi family.

From the first ladyfinger biscuit, Matilde Vicenzi pastry specialities have maintained their uniqueness. All our products are mouth-wateringly fragrant with incomparable flavour and unrivalled versatility: the classics are timeless, and our recipes offer all kinds of creative inspiration.

It all began in a small shop near Verona

The Matilde Vicenzi story began in 1905 in a small shop in San Giovanni Lupatoto, near Verona, where she founded a bakery selling artisanal sweet pastries and amaretti based on her recipe book.


The headquarters is still located near the site where this sweet story began.

Are you a professional?

With its three internationally certified plants and extensive export department, the company can serve all kind of clients, all over the world, through the following channels:

  • traditional supermarket chains
  • gourmet food shops
  • vending, hospitality & catering industries
  • bars
  • airports & train stations
  • petrol stations


It has been a while since Matilde Vicenzi started her small pastry shop near Verona! As a businesswoman, as well as a mother and grandmother, she wanted to share her most delicious recipes with us, offering suggestions on how best to use some of her specialities, like Vicenzovo Ladyfingers, Amaretti Macaroons and Millefoglie di Matilde Puff Pastry.