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Research and Development

The Vicenzi Group prides itself on promoting the Italian tradition of confectionery throughout the world, making every bite sweet and delightful.

This is why, in their Verona laboratories, the lively R&D department is constantly proposing new products in line with consumer trends and developments in each country, introducing new flavours and portions to suit to all tastes and needs.

Product innovation​

For example, so that consumers with special dietary needs can appreciate the taste of Italian confectionery, in 2017 Vicenzi created a number of lactose- and gluten-free products, in compliance with the standards prescribed by the European Union and guaranteed by Italian Celiac Disease Association (AIC) certification.

Years of research and development have made it possible to create products with an excellent sensory profile: consumers are not missing out on the “classic” recipe in any way.

Then, between 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the Group’s offer was enriched with gluten-free Grisbì, gluten-free Vicenzovo, gluten-free soft Amaretto and lactose-free Millefoglie di Matilde puff pastries: products that immediately enjoyed enormous success through word-of-mouth and sales within the coeliac or gluten-intolerant community.

Increasingly sustainable packaging​

Vicenzi Group has always paid particular attention to packaging: the innovation process aims to reduce environmental impact, while ensuring that the organoleptic properties of the products are maintained. The designs for Vicenzi packaging are based on the following principles:

  • Prioritising, where possible, the use of recycled raw materials;
  • Promoting the use of monomaterials in order to increase the recyclability of packaging through the reduction (where possible) of multi-materials.
  • Reducing over-packaging to cut down on consumption of packaging material.

Currently, the packaging for the Group's products consists mainly of paper and cardboard cases, plastic trays and tinplate packaging. In 2019, 70% of the material used for packaging was paper, while 22% was plastic.

Paper and cardboard

70% recycled cardboard
30% virgin cardboard


80% PET*
20% polystyrene

*Transparent packaging: 90% recycled materials

*Brown packaging: 70% recycled materials

Over the last three years, Vicenzi has carried out several important projects that have reduced the environmental impact of its packaging.

These solutions involve monomaterials (increased recyclability), recycled materials and reducing the amount of plastic used. Here are some of the products involved in these changes:

Vicenzovo Ladyfingers 400g

Thanks to the new packaging design, Vicenzi has cut plastic content by 30%, thereby also reducing weight from 9 g to approx. 6 g.


Finally, for Grisbì products, Vicenzi uses packaging made from 100% recycled paper.

Automation of the production lines

A focus on innovation. Constant improvement of the various product lines. Specific tests to guarantee product features and customer satisfaction.

These are the hallmarks that have consolidated the Group’s excellence in the art of confectionery and upheld the original flavours of its traditional recipes.

By fully automating the production lines, managed by artificial intelligence, the Vicenzi Group has, particularly in recent years, not only increased productivity, but reduced costs and time. Speed and precision: essential for ensuring the best quality products and reducing waste.

"The recipe for our research and development? Genuine ingredients, of course, but also a great deal of curiosity and a healthy desire to experiment. We’ve always been like that, after all.

Our hands in the dough, our feet planted firmly in tradition and our eyes turned to the future. Because tastes change over time, but the magic of the first bite, the one that wins you over straight away, will always taste the same."
Marco Cazzadori, Vicenzi Group’s Research and Development

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