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Premium Quality

The secret to making pastries as delicious as Matilde Vicenzi’s lies in using excellent raw materials, selected through long-standing partnerships with historic suppliers.

These ingredients are blended to perfection according to an age-old Italian tradition, to ensure a premium product and treat consumers to a unique sensory experience. Superior ingredients are combined to guarantee the unique flavour of the exquisite range of high-class pastries, delighting the palate at every bite, all thanks to expert craftsmanship and a focus on quality at every step.

Product innovation​

The entire production process at Matilde Vicenzi, from mixing to baking, is carried out according to the tradition of Italian confectionery.

In puff pastry production, up to 192 fine layers of dough are created to guarantee the typical fragrance and lightness of the finished product.

The process of slow baking, used mainly for short crust pastry, is typical of artisanal confectionery and helps ensure the natural fragrance and flavour of authenticity… like the good old days.

The cookies are then immediately sealed in specially designed, pristine packaging to preserve their organoleptic properties. The plant has an in-house laboratory staffed by qualified technical staff who carefully monitor and analyse all phases of production: from the arrival of the raw materials, to the production itself and finally the finished product.
"A recipe for goodness involves just a few, simple ingredients: high-quality raw materials combined with the creativity of our culture, traditional workmanship and time-honoured recipes. These are what make my confectionery so genuine and flavoursome."
Giuseppe Vicenzi, President of Vicenzi Group

Quality assurance

Ensuring the complete quality of a product not only means guaranteeing its taste, but the safety of the raw materials for the consumer as well.

Each ingredient used by the Group undergoes a strict selection and control process to ensure the absence of any type of contaminant.

In 2019, around 165,000 checks were carried out on raw materials, finished products and packaging in the three plants in San Giovanni, Bovolone and Nusco.

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