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The secret of the goodness of Matilde Vicenzi’s pastries is the excellence of the raw materials. These are blended to perfection according to an age-old Italian tradition to reward consumers with a unique sensory experience and ensure a premium product.

Superior ingredients are combined to guarantee the unique flavour of the exquisite range of high-class pastries, delighting the palate by every bite with the sweet taste of Italian confectionery. All of this, thanks to the careful workmanship, putting quality first.


Attention to details

The entire production process at Matilde Vicenzi, from mixing to baking, is carried out according to the tradition of the Italian confectionery.

Up to 192 thin layers of dough are formed to guarantee the typical fragrance and lightness of the pastries.

The process of slow baking, used mainly for short crust pastry, is typical of the artisanal confectionery and helps ensure the natural fragrance and flavour of authenticity… like the good old days.

The cookies are then immediately packed in a polished packaging especially designed to preserve their organoleptic properties.

A recipe for goodness involves just a few, simple ingredients: high-quality raw materials combined with the creativity of the Italian culture, traditional workmanship and time-honoured recipes. These are what make my confectionery so genuine and flavoursome.