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We are looking into the eyes of the future, ready to explore new 'worlds'

We are looking into the eyes of the future. The Vicenzi Sustainability Report is now in its fourth year, and has accompanied one of the most complex periods for Italian business since the post-war era, with issues including the pandemic, the closure of frontiers and the war in Ukraine, as well as problems in sourcing raw materials and price increases. 

Yet the Vicenzi Group firmly believes it is necessary to keep one eye firmly trained on the big issues that will lead us into the coming decades, even if it requires considerable perseverance and sacrifice. First and foremost is sustainability, and attention for planet Earth.

We have always put ideas centre stage. Projects we have shared with our children and grandchildren; as I highlighted in the first Sustainability Report four years ago, every person or organisation needs to leave a positive trace of his or her commitment, of a virtuous behaviour which offers a reference point for future generations".

Our story today must be one we are proud to tell in the future.  To see our efforts as steps - small and large - on new 'planets'. One foot after another, exploring new worlds.  Indeed this is what we are doing, in our quest for philanthropic and ethical projects and activities that allow us to play an active part in the great change currently underway.  To plant a seed so it can yield fruits of its own.  Whether the seed is planted in nature, because we love and respect the raw materials that underpin our work, or in progress, because the mind is in constant ferment, in search of a new human ecology that makes the lives of people and the planet sustainable.  A far-sighted vision which cares about the priorities of the new generations.

Something that propels us into the coming years.  Once again, ideas and passion will fuel it all, because from the very outset, they are what has written the story of our company.

Giuseppe Vicenzi

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