The Tiramisu XXL at Eataly Dallas is by Matilde Vicenzi

Have you ever heard of a Tiramisu almost 1.5 metres long, made with Vicenzovo Savoiardi biscuits and with the image of the Verona Arena?

It is the one that was prepared on November 12 at Eataly in Dallas (Texas), in honour of Matilde Vicenzi and of the city where our over-100 year old company history started.

The store hosted its official Opening Party with a unique “All You Can Eataly” formula, crowned by the most famous dessert in the world and the performance of the Italian singer Giada Valenti.

Prepared under the careful supervision of Italian chefs and using only our Vicenzovo Ladyfinger biscuits, the maxi-Tiramisu won the hearts of Americans through this XXL version that you can taste only once in a lifetime!