Mini-glasses with Peaches, Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons and Greek Yoghurt Mousse

SERVINGS: 4 people
AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi

Spring means freshness and lightness too, don’t you agree? This is the perfect dessert for those moments when you are starving for something sweet, but you want to feel light at the same time: mini-glasses with a delicate mousse prepared with Greek yoghurt and honey, the freshness of peaches in syrup and the unique crispy taste of my Amaretti d’Italia macaroons.


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for 4 mini-glasses

about 100g Amaretti d’Italia macaroons

500g Greek yoghurt

1 jar of peaches in syrup

4 tablespoons of honey


Finely dice the peaches putting aside some slices to be used for garnishing.

Crumble my Amaretti d’Italia macaroons and set aside.

Pour the Greek yoghurt in a large bowl, add the honey and whip with an electric beater until soft and airy.

Fill the mini-glasses or mini-pots (choose your favourite ones) alternating the crumbled Amaretti d’Italia macaroons, the yoghurt cream and the diced peaches.

Garnish with one Amaretto d’Italia macaroon and a peach slice.

Store the mini-glasses in the refrigerator until you serve them.