Strawberry Tiramisù

SERVING: 6 people
AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi


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400g chopped strawberries

400 g Vicenzovo Ladyfingers

500 g mascarpone cheese

300 g sugar

4 eggs

whipped cream to taste


Blend 300 g of strawberries with 150 g of sugar and ½ litre of water.

In a pan, bring to the boil the mixture you just made, cook on medium-low for 20 minutes and let it cool.

To make the cream mixture: In a medium bowl whisk together the rest of the sugar and egg yolks until combined (approximately 1 minute) then add mascarpone, beat until thickened.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff (you do want it to be quite thick, nice and creamy ) and add the cream mixture.

Soak the Vicenzovo Ladyfingers in the strawberry syrup and lay them in the bottom of a bowl/glass.
Pour some syrup and add a layer of cream mixture. Alternate the layers as per the classic tiramisù recipe

Chill in the fridge for 4-5 hours.

Top with fresh strawberries and whipped cream before serving.