Amaretto d'Italia

Amaretto d’Italia is a special traditional biscuit made in Italy, with Matilde Vicenzi’s signature. Making cookies exclusively using healthy, natural and genuine ingredients is the very essence of the tradition of this delicious art, the first in Italy to have obtained the product certification. The macaroon’s secret ingredients of its unique and special flavour are the apricots kernels that gives the dough, made of sugar and egg whites, the very bitter sweet taste conquering even the most refined palates. The fragrance and deliciousness of the Italian macaroon makes it perfect for consumption as a snack at any time of day or as a special touch while preparing the most delicious sweet and savoury recipes.

Amarettino D'Italia cookies
100 g

Amaretto D'Italia cookies
200 g

Amaretto D'Italia cookies
300 g


The Italian Amaretti Macaroon is a real classical speciality.

Perfect to enjoy a delicious break alone or in company, or like a versatile ingredients in sweets and salt recipes.

The traditional Amaretto Semifreddo is excellent with Matilde’s Amaretti cookies.