Yoghurt Ice-Cream with Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons on a Stick

PREP: 5H 30M
AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi


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500g Greek yoghurt

150g Amaretti d’Italia macaroons

6 tablespoons of honey

ice pop moulds

ice pop wooden sticks


Put Greek yoghurt in a bowl and mix it energetically with a couple of tablespoons of honey.

Crumble Amaretti d’Italia macaroons coarsely, put them in a bowl and mix with the remaining honey to obtain an even mixture.

Put three spoonfuls of Amaretti d’Italia macaroons and honey mixture in the ice pop moulds.

Fill the moulds with the Greek yoghurt cream and finish with crumbled Amaretti d’Italia macaroons.

Place the wooden sticks in the centre of the moulds and allow the ice pops to solidify in the freezer for about 5 hours.

Before serving, take them out of the freezer for some minutes before unmoulding.