Peach and Amaretti d’Italia Freakshake

SERVINGS: 4 or more people
AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi


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4 nectarines

4 dollops of butter

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

Vanilla gelato

Amaretti d’Italia macaroons to taste


Shaved almonds


Check out the step-by-step recipe video.

Wash and cube the peaches.

Cover the peaches in sugar. Place them in a pan on the stove top over high heat and start roasting them.

Get a glass or a mason jar and start layering the roasted peaches, vanilla gelato, almonds, my Amaretti d’Italia macaroons and marshmallows unti it’s full.

Top with whipped cream, shaved almonds and more Amaretti d’Italia for a proper treat.

Once the peaches start getting caramelised, slowly add, one at a time, the dollops of butter, keeping the pan on high heat until fully roasted.

Put the roasted peaches in a bowl and let chill.