Pistachio Cream Loaf

SERVING: 6-8 people
AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi

Dear friends, has it often happened to you to have no idea of which dessert to bring when invited for dinner? Today, I am proposing an easy solution that will take very little time to prepare: here is the recipe of the pistachio cream loaf.


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One 300g pack of Vicenzovo Ladyfingers
250g pastry cream
25g pistachio paste


First of all, let’s prepare the pistachio cream: prepare the pastry cream following the basic recipe. Pour it in a bowl and allow to cool down at room temperature. Mix the cream with pistachio paste to an even texture.
Assemble the dessert on a platter starting from a layer of Ladyfingers. Fill with the pistachio cream, then make another layer of Ladyfingers. Top with another layer of cream and one last layer of Ladyfingers. The dessert does not need to rest.
To garnish, roll out the fondant to a thin sheet of some millimetres. Shape it to a bow like gift packs. Serve immediately.