Skewers of Sponge Cake and Red Berries

AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi

Dear friends, today I am proposing a very simple recipe, ideal to quench appetite on these days that are gradually getting warmer: skewers of Sponge cake and red berries.  With their fresh fruit flavour, they are a perfect snack for our fun afternoon with friends.  There they are, enjoy!


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1 pack of Matilde Vicenzi sponge cake bases

200g Greek yoghurt

150g red berries (blackberries and raspberries)

fresh mint


Cut the sponge cake to 2-3cm dices. Spread the yoghurt on a dice and top it with another dice in such a way to form a small sandwich.

Continue until all the Sponge cake has been used up.

Start sticking the sandwiches on the skewers alternating them with red berries. Serve with fresh mint.