White Chocolate Squares with Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons

AUTHOR: Matilde Vicenzi

Are you looking for an original idea for Easter? The idea I want to share with you today is ready in 10 minutes, looks great and tastes truly delicious! Here is my recipe for white chocolate squares with the special touch of crumbled Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons and a cascade of coloured mini chocolate eggs. 


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300g white chocolate

200g Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons

75g coloured mini chocolate eggs

coloured sprinkles to garnish


Melt the chocolate baine marie in a pot over medium heat continuing stirring to prevent the formation of lumps. Once melted, spread the chocolate on a tin lined with baking paper.

Crumble Amaretti d’Italia Macaroons and sprinkle on the melted chocolate. Add some whole macaroons for a special touch of crunchiness.

Top also with coloured chocolate eggs and sprinkles.

Leave the dessert in the fridge to cool for at least 3 hours. Cut squares of about 5cm side and serve.