Amaretto di Matilde

Matilde Vicenzi has been bringing us her Amaretto di Matilde for over 110 years: with its round shape and characteristic flavour, it is one of the most famous traditional Italian cookies, loved the world over.

Although the recipe was widespread as early as the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Matilde Vicenzi’s Amaretto d’Italia was the first in Italy to obtain product certification.

In 1905 Matilde Vicenzi started producing Amaretto d’Italia in a small bakery in San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona) and in 1968 her grandson Giuseppe Vicenzi took the first steps towards its industrial production, purchasing the first automatic line.


“One of the things I remember most is when my Grandmother Matilde, on cold winter evenings, would gather us together after dinner to wrap amaretti two by two, and the material we used was exactly the same”.

According to the traditional Italian recipe, Amaretto di Matilde cookies are made with sugar, egg whites and a special ingredient: apricot kernels , which provide the unique bitter-sweet taste, capable of seducing even the most refined palates.


The crunchy texture and delicious taste of Amaretto di Matilde cookies makes them perfect for a snack any time of day, or as a special touch in your most mouth-watering dessert recipes.


The Amaretto d’Italia range includes the Soft Amaretto macaroon: made to a luxurious recipe with 40% almonds, 20% peeled sweet almonds and 20% apricot kernels.


Like many Italian specialties, Soft Amaretto is regulated by procedural guidelines that impose high quality standards. The ingredients for this soft dough sweet pastry are simple and few, which is why the secret lies in mixing them in the right proportions, a skill only earned through great experience.

*Why Amaretti macaroons?

  • round bite-size shape
  • bitter-sweet taste due to apricot kernels
  • crunchy texture